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A Word From Tam

Beyoncé told us that girls run the world!

While this is true in many cases, it doesn't always apply when it comes to our money. We've all heard the news concerning the gender pay gap.  According to the US Labor Department, by age 65 women tend to make at least $250,000 less than their male counterparts in the same occupation. As a result, men tend to have more money for retirement and to invest. On the other hand, of the 62 million wage and salaried women (age 21-64) working in the United States, only 45% participate in a retirement plan. More often than not, women are overworked and underpaid. And even though women typically live longer than men do, we're usually left with limited, if any funds at all, throughout our golden years. 

Now I can't exactly pinpoint all aspects of what prevents the majority of women from planning for retirement and investing our own money on our terms.  It could be the fact that 86% of investment advisors are males.  Maybe, it's the amount of time and the commitment we make to everything and everyone else. Or perhaps, it's the lingo or the stress of monitoring the market. 


"Be the kind of woman that make other women want to step their game up."



Whatever the cause, I'm bewildered at how women ⏤ the same ones that balance running the board room, the task of being room Mom, the prayer warrior, the voice of reason, and the image of grace to all, while PMS-ing can ⏤ have little or no interest in investing our own money.  And don't be naïve for one moment. I'm speaking of intelligent, well-educated women that for whatever reason get so caught up juggling life, that they place their financial futures in the hands of others, be it spouses, bosses, or financial soothsayers.  

Invest Like A Girl™ exists to provide education and financial literacy resources for those looking to take an active role in investing their money in stocks and planning for retirement. It is an exclusive community for exceptional people looking to empower themselves by changing their financial outlook, as they learn to invest their own money. As a member of Invest Like A Girl™, you will gain knowledge and insight that will not only equip you, but change the dynamics of your world.

Peace & Blessings, 

Tam Finley,

Founder of Invest Like A Girl™