A woman dedicated to empowering others. 

I'm Tam Finley and I'm determined to make a difference in the world by teaching people to design a life that they love. Whether that's in my branding and web design business ⎼ Tam Finley Design Studio™, through my love of lifestyle photography ⎼Vintage1980™ Photography, and now in my latest endeavor, Invest Like A Girl™.

Who is Tam Finley?


Why I  started investing?


I wanted more. And when I say that, I'm not just speaking of money.  Sure, I wanted to be able to experience true financial freedom, but I wanted true happiness and wellness as well.  

After taking care of my own family, I wanted all my extended family and friends to partake in those sentiments. I was tired of hearing the same of stories of daily striving, but never making it. I wanted to equip them with the tools they would need to not just experience occasional bouts of financial relief, but I wanted them to live a life of abundance. 

Lastly, I wanted a success story to pass on to my son, nieces, nephews and cousins. The narrative of the family member who decided to break the cycle of financial illiteracy and build a legacy for those who follow after me. A story that will be able to use as they we the current generation teach our future generations how to maintain and continuously regenerate our new chronicle of prosperity, generosity, and wise living.


Why I began mentoring others?

Financial mentoring was nothing I set out to do. I've mentored teenagers for years and still do from time to time. I love the mentor-mentee experience and process, but mentoring adults as it relates to their finances is a totally different thing.

At first, I was very hesitant to taking on the task. Until one day while thanking my financial mentor, he challenged my husband and I to always share what we learned from him with others.  So from that day after whenever the opportunity arose that's just what I did.

Now somehow over the course of my life I became the person to ask random stuff. So it began by people calling me daily to ask me all kinds of questions. Once I helped them with whatever their inquiry,  they usually attempted to pass the info on, which generally led to a new caller.

After a couple years of that the word got out that I knew my stuff when it came to investing in stocks.  The calls increased and it got to the point where I was answering more calls related to financial matters than I was getting for my design business. So it really just happened. (Sounds like a cliché, right?) I know, but true sto-ry!



What I get out of what I do?

I'm truly blessed by what I do.  Being able to share something that I enjoy (building wealth) while positively enhancing the lives of others is like having a bowl of my favorite ice cream with a cherry on top. Anytime someone thanks me, I give them the exact same response my mentor gave me to pass the info on.

I do this and will continue to do this for two reasons: 

1) As a sign of respect and gratefulness to my mentor who has blessed my life tremendously. 

2) So that the recipient can experience that feel good feeling of learning, teaching, and blessing someone else.