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An Exclusive Community for Novice Stock Investors

Mission: To Empower.

Invest Like A Girl™ is an exclusive networking community for people seeking to change their financial outlook by learning to invest in stocks by increasing their financial literacy and resulting in economic empowerment. This group is primarily designed for women, but all are welcome to join as we march towards true financial freedom.




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"The most important investment you can make is in yourself."

-Warren Buffett



A concise easy to follow break down of investing terminology and strategy as it relates to learning to invest in the stock market. Founder, Tam Finley, provides concrete answers and simple explanations for some of the most complicated investing lingo and tactics.


LIVE broadcasts every week where you can ask questions, chat and engage with Tam and other novice investors. You will be able to discuss stock investing basics, financial education, and related topics in a novice-friendly, relaxing, supportive environment.



Access to the full archive of all past LIVE broadcasts and events.


Free downloadable materials from The Vault. The Vault is our member library where you will find useful financial templates ready for download, short video segments, affiliate information and more.


Access to the Stock Simulator group exercise. All members are encouraged to participate in the Making Power Moves Stock Simulator exercise. This allows members to gain practical wisdom in investing by purchasing stocks without having to risk any real money.


A one-on-one consult during a virtual mentoring session with Tam Finley. During the session, you will discuss any stock investing questions you may have as it relates to terminology, fears, and defining your own investment strategy.


A new supportive community of beginner investors to cheer you on. You are not in this alone. This includes not only the ability to chat within the private FB Group, but also on the secure member site. Once you login, you will have the ability to privately chat with Tam daily.


Are You Ready to Make Power Moves? 

We are.

Control equals power.  And whomever is controlling the money has the power. If you look closely, the proof is all around you. The affluent influences everything from national politics to which type of grocery store is in your neighborhood. They have the capacity to deconstruct or to build. They are landowners and business owners. They are philanthropists and even socialites. The wealthy impact every aspect of society. And in case you're wondering, yes,  they are investors.

According to The New York Times, the richest 1% in the United States now own more wealth than the bottom 90%. Meaning the top 1% is running the show.  It's about time we switch those numbers up.  And that all begins with how we spend and invest our money.

You work hard for your money and no one should know and care about your money more than you. It's time to take control and have a better view of your financial outlook today. 


Why Invest Like A Girl™?

There are a number of reasons why people fail to invest in the stock market. In fact, almost 80% of millennials are not invested in the stock market at all. When asked why: 40% said they didn't have the money, 34% said they didn't know how, and 13% blamed it on student debt.  Women are also less likely than men to invest, but have been proven to be better at it.  The list of reasons why people fail to invest range from gender to race to simple fear.  It's time to cast out the indifferences so that we all can gain access to our share of the pie!




Even though the stock market has increased on average by 25%, almost half of Americans have not benefited from it.

Source: CNN




Almost 8 out of 10 Americans invested in the stock market made money in 2016.  

Source: CNN




Statistics such as this have a negative impact on the ability for Black families to accumulate wealth.

Source: ABCNews


Invest Like A Girl™ was designed to help people create a life that they love. That's exactly what I did when I began investing around 2009. With the help of my beloved mentor, I took an interest in making my money work for me. I learned that investing wasn't as hard as I had originally thought and all it really took was basic reading and math proficiency to begin.

Soon after beginning, I noticed that there was a lack of conversation within my community when it came to the topic of stock investing.  As I recollected and looked back over my life, I realized that portfolios and earnings ratios were never discussed at my dinner table.  My parents were more focused on keeping the bills paid. As a result of my thinking, I began to be more intentional to include "stock talk" in my everyday conversations with family and friends.

Then led to me hosting groups at my home and I went on to host a small group at my church, centered around the topic. That sparked the flame that led me three years later to create Invest Like A Girl™.  I'm excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge with this group. I love pulling back the curtain and showing people that they can live a life they love by making simple changes to their thinking and being intentional in their actions as it relates to their finances.


The Woman in Charge


     Tam Finley, Financial Mentor


Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it that this group will change the course of your life. Here are a few testimonials from my first small group.  They came in looking and seeking knowledge in the area of stock investing and finished the group sessions ready to tackle trading on their own. 

Natasha T.jpeg

I considered myself to be a novice investor. I had a few stocks but didn’t do much with them at all, they just kind of sat there because I honestly was overwhelmed with the thought of how to get re-started and reteach myself. However, after participating in Tam Finley’s investment group I became much more comfortable. She breaks everything down into layman's terms so it’s truly easy to understand and maintain on your own after the classes are completed. The one take away that stuck is that I should read or listen to something daily regarding investing or stocks.

-Natasha T., Procurement Specialist

Ebony H.jpg

"I learned of Tam’s investment group from one of our mutual friends.  I had mentioned that I was ready to learn the basics of investing so that I can successfully start doing so as a method to gain another stream of income. The name of her group was: Keep Calm and Invest. The coolest thing to me was Tam showing biblical principles to this. I remember her instantly encouraging us to participate in the Stock Simulator Game. This provided us hands-on experience by actually buying and selling stocks with virtual cash. This encouraged us to begin researching stocks and to think about why a certain stock would be a good option to buy.  She gave us “homework”, as well as taught us stock trading terminology. She also encouraged us to listen to different financial radio and tv channels. The biggest thing I admired about Tam’s teaching skills, is that she broke the information down to a point of anybody being able to understand and catch on.  She also encouraged questions. One of the biggest tools that I still use to this day is the IBD, Investment's Business Daily.  I can now honestly say, that I am successfully investing in stocks and Tam had a great deal to do with that.  What I will say for anyone considering working with Tam, is be prepared to do the work that she gives you and read the information that she directs you to.  You stand to learn so much valuable information from her, which will help you understand why she is very successful in stock investments, and how she leads others to become successful also."

-Ebony H., IT Senior Analyst - Investing since 2015

Marcus H.jpg

"Tam's investment group was amazing! It forever changed my perspective about investing, money, and wasteful spending. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the stock market from a Godly perspective so that you can make wise choices. For example, we learned the basic understanding of what stocks are, what the “Dow” is, and how to evaluate stocks. While many people lack the knowledge needed to invest in the stock market, they jump in and invest their money and later find out that they’ve made a huge mistake. This group teaches you how to research the stocks/companies you want to invest in and see the trends of each stock."

-Marcus H., Financial Officer


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